Should I add her on facebook and message her?

I was at this concert and standing alone and these 2 (sorta drunk) girls stand next to me to get a better view of the stage. one of them, the short cute one, suprisingly starts talking to me and we have a small talk going on.

her and her friend head a little back away from the stage, and i figure i got nothing to lose, so i followed her there and she was enthusiastic about wanting to talk more. i do think she was drinking a little too much, but she wasn't overly flirty, but she sat very close to me and talked on and on about her favorite bands and etc etc and she asked me questions about my persona life to get to know me more. i figured its a great chance to ask her number so i did and she typed it in and handed it back to me and we continued to talk. she showed me that her phone however had died though during the night

they had to go a half hour later, and they asked me to walk them half way to their car ( the concert was still playing, but i didn't care about the current band) so i did. they both hugged me, and the short cute one hugged me in the beginning when we were saying good bye, then a final second time when they were actually gonna leave. they both said theyre definitely down to meet up and go out drinking.

i texted the girl, and no response and its been a day. i texted her once in the morning and a second time in the night. i however creeped and found her facebook and was debating to add her and message her, or see how this texting thing rolls out.

by the way im 22, the girls are 21. thoughts GaG community?
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  • One thing I've learned is don't get hung up on anyone. It's healthier for you and less annoying for her. You've already made multiple attempts, the 1st time to show interest and the 2nd time to follow up/show more interest.

    It's possible that maybe she was too drunk to remember what you looked like and didn't want to talk to you if she didn't know if you were good looking or not.
    I wouldn't say add her, but you can message her and say 'hey, I'm the guy from
    the concern" etc. This may be the harsh truth, but you have a better chance
    of getting a response if you're good looking/have a good profile pic.

    Good luck man!

    • So what ended up happening? O. P. here lol

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    • I agree. I've almost never regretted the things I've done, but always regretted the things I didn't do.

    • feel free to send me a friend request. not sure how active you are on here, but i like talking to people off here.

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  • The part about not getting a response after multiple attempts doesn't bode well. I don't know about adding her on Facebook since she's not communicating with you.

    I'd try texting exactly one more time and no more, after a few days. If you receive no response then, it will be a relatively clear sign.

    Hope it works out for you. Good luck. :)

  • hmm, i wouldn't advice texting so much in a single day if she didn't respond. She was obviously drunk, so she might have regretted it. No offense to you, but she might not remember clearly what she said and did. And if she still doesn't reply after a few days, just drop it man.


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