What is my problem towards guys?

my friends that have boyfriends it makes me jealous a lot and i end up whimpering and whining (yes i do admit to that)
but then these player type guys come along (and probably smell the desprateness) and always hit on me and stuff like that but i always reject because yet they dont feel like the right guys (which to me is respectful) and then say
"but i thought you needed a boyfriend" and im always like "yeah i kinda feel leftout not having a boyfriend but will not tolorate disrespect" and then they call me bitches and names and i feel sad and awful and yet leftout


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  • I know that looking at other people being happy in relationships only makes you want to be in one even more. Having higher respect for yourself and not allowing a guy to take advantage of you is extremely important. You don't just want a relationship, you want the right relationship. A friend of mine told me that it's better to be alone than to be in a relationship with the wrong person. While you are alone, you need to work on improving yourself so when the time comes that you meet the right guy, you're ready to be in a relationship and being in the right one. The gentlemen in this world still exist, but they're becoming less common. So when looking for someone to date, make sure you date a lot of people so you can have a better idea in who you want to be with. I don't think someone should start getting into a real relationship until they graduate highschool. So take this time to date a lot. Remember, once a guy is willing to swear at you or belittle you, you know instantly he isn't worth your time.


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  • Having a boyfriend really isn't all that great. If you feel left out you should always bring a good friend when all of you go out together so you can feel less lonely. Its a good thing you know how to respect yourself as a whole though.


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