The whole internet dating thing?

I currently have a profile on one active site and a profile I don't check on another.

Not entirely sure why I even have the profiles up, well I know why, but just sick and tired of the whole thing dating was never something I enjoyed wanted to do or had any desire to do but still want the companionship and friendship I don't have- and no that isn't code for sex. I am not like most guys where I feel the need or desire to screw any girls I see, I am actually more interested in the woman's personality and how she treats others etc, you know just who and how she is as a person.

So anyways that being said here's my question. When a woman replies to my profile and I am not interested. I had been answering and I just say not interested, or lately I just don't bother I may or may not read the email and just delete chances are I will read it because curiosity gets the better of me but I will usually just delete it. I know my emails just get deleted without being read or so much as an response, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I am just getting sick of girls and the games you play just to see if someone is interested and I am just not caring anymore, too old to play games not that there is ever any age to play games, its rare if I actually find a woman interesting enough by her profile to send her a message more often then not in the past it just gets deleted by her.

So what's your take on it? I have absolutely no problems deleting it and moving on


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  • internet dating can work for some people , I've tried it before but not actually meet many girls there when compared to how many I've meet in real life . like last night at the bar there was numerous attractive local girls there , many more than I'd ever meet online with a simple profile

  • "but still want the companionship and friendship I don't have". Is that the real issue?

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