Why doesn't he respect me?

This guy who is a graduate doctor that i used to know and we used to hang out and make out (lol) constantly made me feel like i wasn't ''worthy'' of him while im a good girl (i just got angry with him once and cursed at him, but he did the same) after that argument he started to say i wanst much worth to him anymore and treated me like his late night treat (he didn't believe i was a virgin at 22 ( and said normal people have sex at the age of 14 15 16) and wanted to sleep with me but he felt rejected because i wasn't ready). Another guy from my class (i dont like him, but he is a good friend, but this guy is considered ''lower'' then the other guy in society) always has so much respect for me and immediately guessed i was a virgin and a good girl because he just ''knew'' he said and knew more about my culture then the other guy. I thought the other guy was smarter just for being a doctor but i foudn he didn't want me because in his eyes me and him werent ''logical''. What do you guys think about this?


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  • He is only saying that you aren't worth it to him because he is butt hurt that you won't have sex with him. He is just saying that to cover up is pussy feelings. He just wanted an easy lay. HE isn't worth YOUR time.

    • you think he felt something for me?

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    • he said i dont deserve to sleep with him anymore and he can't give me pleasure because i dont deserve it hahah while im the virgin, he should be more honored tho to be my first

    • Yeah, he is just saying that because he knew he wasn't going to get any. He just wanted to make it look like he was the worthy one... he is the trash.

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  • So you have the classic douchebag with the looks and the money and the nice guy who will surely finish last hmm


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