How can I avoid being caught?

I like this guy and since I know he has a girlfriend I backed up but I do like this guy way before I knew anything about him. I know we can't never be together I made myself a promise I would never let him caught me looking at him and I will avoid all eye contact with him. I'm rude and mean to him because it's the only way I can protect myself I built my own invisible wall towards him. when he's busy I peek and I'm like a kid in a candy store watching work I find him very amusing I have caught him looking at me and when I look back he looks away quickly , he's always around me I fully understand he has someone and as much as it hurts I have to be strong for myself but why is he doing this to me I also wanna know how can I avoid being caught while I peek on him because he doesn't care when I caught him peeking at me my friends say he acts as if he likes me but I don't buy it at all I believe he's using me as the monkey in the cirques in other words the joke of town.


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  • It's a terrible to admire someone from afar and not be able to have those feelings reciprocated. But you have to face reality. His is with someone and it's time you also find someone worthy of that dedication and attention. I'm not saying it isn't painful but you have to let go of this idea in your head. Because that's all he really is, and idea built in your mind that you think is amazing and wonderful. Don't avoid being caught, because you should really shouldn't be looking at someone whose in a relationship.

  • Do you need emotional support right now? Because if i speak practically, you would cry i guess.


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