She's being confusing after the first date?

Ok i think our first date went rather well. she talked a lot, and found out we liked a lot of similar things and learned new things about her. and this date was the one that she set up. so i'd thought she had high interest in me tbh.

but few days after the date she seemed "not chatty" haha. considering how much she talked and how much we had in common from our date, i wouldve thought we'd be chatty even when not in person.. (playing hard to get?)

however i noticed she tweeted/posted things that's supposed to catch my attention haha.
like we found out that we liked to travel and she told me she wanted to go to bali some time. so she tweeted some airplane emoticon.

furthermore she knows we both like a certain type of dish. then she posted a pic of her cooking that fav dish of ours. haha. i'm no expert, but were those posts trying to catch my attention? coincidence. even more so when they're only like a day or so after our date...

she's confusing me totally. what's with the sudden unchattiness..
should i attempt conversation or something?


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  • Why haven't you texted her since?


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