What Exactly is a Boyfriend's Job in the Relationship?

I hear so much from my dad, older sister and other girls with dating issues about the role a boyfriend has that I'm supposed to expect.
1) He's supposed to give you money.
2) He's supposed to help pay your bills.
3) He's supposed to text/call you first everyday.
4) He's supposed to like your posts/pictures on social media.
... and if he doesn't do any of this, he's supposedly "not the right one for you". Is this true? And what are some other things guys are "supposed" to do in a relationship?
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I really wanted to thank everyone who gave their good opinions for my question. I truly, honestly appreciate knowing I'm not wrong in how i felt about this situation. I love you all (especially the guys) for being patient enough to correct this crazy way of thinking and for explaining how it REALLY should be. I hope my fellow females were taking notes. I love u all ^~^
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*i hope my fellow females (the ones who think like my dad, older sister and my pathetic classmates) that think she's entitled to men doing everything for her*, i hope y'all taking notes.
What Exactly is a Boyfriend's Job in the Relationship?
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