I've initiated a date with him but I'm not sure if he's interested?

So I've been speaking to a guy over phone message for a month or so who I got to know through a friend of a friend but have not actually met yet and we seem to get on really well. Told me he likes me and would like to see me at some point. Seems like a really nice guy too. Recently I feel like we haven't mentioned anything about going on a date and I Felt like I had to mention it the other night which I wasn't sure whether it came across too forward but I know we have mentioned about meeting before so I thought it would be okay. He straight away said of course I still want to meet and then asked are you sure do you still want to mee me which seemed like a obvious answer seen as though I just asked him lol basically after discussing when we're both free I suggested a week on Friday and he said that's fine. However I haven't heard from him today so should I just a wait until nearer was the time to confirm things? Does he sound interested and is it that he's just really laid back? I just feel like as I initiated sorting a date that he should maybe mention it nearer the time because I don't want to come across to forward. Help please x


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  • today it's Tuesday so it's still early u should know... if nothing happens and he doesn't text... go text first in Thursday just one day before yer date.


    "He straight away said of course "

    ^keep in mind he might've said this without puttin much thought... or he said it in order to not hurt u possibly... so he needs some time to think about it. anyway wait till Thursday ;)

    • Thanks for the advice :) we actually set a date for next Friday not this Friday so should I wait until next week to see if he texts, cause I'm getting the impression he won't text me now until the day comes. That's if he does text lol?

    • i see... nah better wait another week to see how'll it go.

      and u r welcome!

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  • he is interested.


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  • He's given all the signs of being interested in going on a date. Try it and see. As my grandad used to say, 'Shy bairns get n'owt'. If you don't ask, the moment might fade away.
    Maybe say something casually like, 'Oh, you know how we talked about maybe meeting up? You still interested?' As though you're not desperate to meet him. It shows you're still thinking about it, but I don't think it's too forward.
    Good luck :)

    • I just feel like I've already initiated the suggesting of an actual date and I don't want to pester him. So shall I wait until a couple of days before to text him or if I've not Heard anything should I just leave it?

    • I think wait two or three days then do the whole casual routine - if not, the longer you wait, the more awkward it will be to bring it up and ask him! Depends on the guy, but from what you've said he sounds interested

  • You've already asked him out you can't get much more forward. Who put rules in communicating? If you want to talk call him


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