Is this guy not into me anymore? Haven't spoken in 6 days?

I went on tinder and started talking to this guy on there for a week then he asked for my number and a couple of days later he asked me to hangout. A couple of days later we met up. we live a half hour or so away from each other we met at a restaurant in the middle we talked the whole time and flowed good. We were there for 3 hours. He walked me to my car talked for a minute then I went into my car ( no hug or kiss goodbye). He texted me a few hours later saying he had a good time and I was easy to talk to and hopes to hangout again soon. Then a week later we hung out again. met at a bowling alley. We talked a little while we bowled Then played air hockey. Then we went out to lunch I drove. We didn't know where to go because we aren't from that area so we drove down the highway and then he told me where to go and turn ( then I saw we were pulling into Apple bees, it's funny because he know I like Apple bees alot). We talked laughed. Then we drove back to the bowling alley, he got out of my car (no hug or kiss goodbye ) I texted him a few hours later saying I had a good time and thanks for lunch and I will beat him at something next time we hangout. He texted back hours later saying he was sleeping and we will see if I can beat him and he had a good time too. We have texted everyday since we met in tinder.( he asked to hangout those 2 times) we stopped snapchatting 2 days after 2ndhangout our conversations are shorter and he takes a while to answer like 1hour-5hours.( I don't know if it's because he works at a restaurant). a couple of days after our second hangout he said when I go down by where he lives he will have to take me to a place he knows that has good spinach and artichoke dip ( he knows I love Apple bees). The next day posted a snapchat he looked at it but didn't talk that day. I asked him to hangout before he left to virginia in 2 days but he said he most likely won't be free when he gets back he will be. He has looked at my snapchat stories while in virginia.
I haven't spoken to him in a week... do you think there's a chance he is still interested in me?


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  • Tinder is a meet&fuck app. It doesn't work for anything other than 1 night stands.

    • We talked before our second hangout and I said I'm not looking for anything serious but not looking for a hookup either and he said he's looking for someone because he's been single for a year. I said I would like to continue talking to him and hanging out to see where this goes and he agreed with me.

    • Yeah but the dynamic of meeting up with someone based pretty much only on looks and a few text interactions, without really being involved in any sort of group together, as well as being 30 minutes away, sort of makes for a lackluster ability to really pairbond. It also sounds like you guys barely touched each other if at all. So that means it will be really weird if you guys do start to touch each other.

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