Please help me I beg you?

We started studying in same class, im 24 and she looks like 22 -23 , but I know she likes me, all the girls sit in front of class but she always make it a point to sit in the last middle rows just because I always sit in the last row. She keeps glancing backwards towards me from the corner of her eye. But I always ignored her, Now she has started talking to other guys, laughing with them, and when she laughs with them, she looks at me to see if im looking at her and then she looks away. I dont know why the hell she is doing this, Please help me?


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  • she is trying to make you jealous.


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  • She's interested in you, she's either trying to make you jealous to make you make a move on her, or, she's attentive to when you look at her, she wants your attention, and she checks to see if she's getting it. Talk to her bro, maybe not to date, but, become friends with her, you never know what you might miss on :)


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  • She like you not the other guys


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