If you still had feelings for your crush and found out they felt the same way yet you have a bf/gf would you dump them for your crush?


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  • Why did you commit if you still had feelings for your crush? Thats wrong...

    If its to move on, thats super selfish, you should get rid of the feelings first then go for the other person.

    I'd forget about my crush I guess and appreciate whats in front of me. But it'll backlash since my crush said that he liked me so I'd be in a torn decision and talk to my current SO and see how that goes.

    • That's the thing. He still acts like he likes me yet he is with another girl. He acted like he liked me before he was with her and he told his friends he likes me. If he really is doing it to move on do you think it will work out? It's not that I don't think he likes her but why would he still like me then?

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    • I'd say stay away from it. his feelings aren't so stable since he's able to go for another woman while he still has you on his mind. Would you be able to deal with a selfish boyfriend? :/ You deserve way better than that sweetie since this is ridiculous and you seem to really like the guy.

      I know it hurts, but move on to spare the hurt, seriously..

    • Thanks for MHO! 😘

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  • What is in the past should stay in the past... even though i i've sorta been in that situation

    • Do you think you could share what happened?

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    • You're right. I've just never been this heart broken before. How can I move on? I saw him again and I couldn't help myself and just cried I feel like such a mess.

    • Honestly, it won't be easy but cutting contact and hiding everything that remind you of him is the best way. Think of it as cold cold turkey from him

  • No, I have a sense of loyalty beyond that sort of shit.

    • Even if you had feelings for them before you got with your bf/gf?

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    • I just don't understand why someone would still have feelings for someone even if they were with someone else, wouldn't they have faded away?

    • Life moves on.

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