Do friends kiss on the mouth?

I made a bet with a guy and if I lost I had to kiss a guy I like on the cheek. I lost. I didn't want the bet to involve any kissing because he has a girlfriend, but did it anyway, after all It's just kiss on the cheek I give those to family and friends all the time. So as I was about to kiss him on the cheek he purposely turned his head and I kissed him on the mouth! I was shocked, happy and angry that happened. Happy because I like him, angry because he plays around that way and has told me he likes me when he's drunk, but later apologized when I asked him why he does that. I told him not to play around with me that way again. Then he kissed me! I got mad at him for doing that and asked him why he did it. He said it was all in good fun, said he had forgotten I told him not to do that anymore and said he was sorry. He also said he kisses friends on the mouth. I asked him to kiss a friend on the mouth and he didn't want to. What's his problem?


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  • It sounds like he has some feelings towards you, or at least a sense of attraction. Guys are different from a lot of girls. A lot of girls take a kiss as an emotional investment like sex. Girls tend to become more attached through physical involvement with someone especially if they've had a history of liking that person. I wouldn't think too much into it. A lot of guys are capable of hooking up with girls without being attached to them as a result, the same thing goes for kissing. If he has a girlfriend then you should just back away for a little bit. If he's with her then there's no sense in sticking around and wasting your time. If he asks what's up with you backing away then tell him that you feel like it isn't fair to you or his girlfriend, and that you like him but don't want to go further with the situation until he's single.


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  • He's a player - which will always attract you because he knows the right buttons to push and the ways to "reel you in".

    Move on, this guy has cheated on his girlfriend by intentionally moving in for a kiss with you and he has toyed with your emotions about how you desire him. Making you feel like you could date him, which is morally incorrect.

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    • What is the best way to make him stop? As a friend he's cool. He hasn't really stopped playing around he still says his little comments. I'll be honest, I want him to stop, but at the same time I don't want him to because I like him, but I guess he is a player.

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    • Thank! Your advice has been very helpful.

    • My pleasure, if I can clear anything else up - let me know ;-)

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  • He is not happy with his girlfriend. If he was happy with her then I wouldn't be looking so hard at you. It does seem like he is attracted or something to you.