Started talking to a girl on a dating website and I feel like I should cut things off but I feel bad?

So I met this girl on a dating website. I am going to be moving to the city she is in in about two weeks. She seems really nice and it looks like she's cute based on the pictures I've seen, but things have been a little weird from the beginning. She has brought up multiple dates, asking about helping me move, picking out furniture and hanging out at my apartment. There was no time to get to know her really, within the first couple messages she was talking about hanging out, I thought she was joking a bit, but she is constantly bringing up what our next date should be, but we haven't even had our first date... let alone me not being in the same state.

She messaged me today saying how sick she is of dating and how people either ignore her or try to hook up and she hates it. It came out of the blue and it's all just getting weird... I've only really been talking to her for a week but I feel bad because if I cut things off then I will just become all the other "jerks" she was talking about.


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  • just do it. she will be fine.


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