Help on dating sites?

any one use dating sites? If so which ones and how did you start the conversation out?


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  • Don't just pop up with a hi, say something interesting.
    People hardly ever reply to just "hi." unless they're really hot lol.
    Introduce yourself and ask them about something you noticed on their profile. Like perhaps their passion for music? Etc
    Don't make it too formal, keep it light, add an emoji lol :D

    Tinder can be good, it's more superficial than other sites though. If you're attractive and you're on tinder, girls can still be picky whereas if you're attractive and you're on POF, you're a rarity lol and girls are more likely to reply.

    Making your profile; make sure you have a clear pic of you, preferably one where you're smiling, not topless, just a natural one.
    Grab their attention with a witty, funny headline in your about me section.
    Basically make yourself as interesting as you can be.

    Good luck!

    • I used pof and no luck. I have like 2 paragraphs about me and ask question and still get no reply. It tinder a web site?

    • Tinders an app, there's a lot of stigma attached to it though because a lot of people use it for hookups.
      Maybe you're summary can be more to the point? I don't know, try and be cool on there, just be like "Hey :) you look like an interesting person to talk to. I'd love to get to know you more, you had me when you said you love *insert thing they said they like on their summary lol*. Plus you're very pretty, so that's always a bonus! :)"

    • Thanks for the help

  • I found this website it's like facebook but for dating, it's called meetme and everyone literally just messages you, the thirst is real on that site so I decided to delete the account.

    • So it's not a good one

    • i mean if you're just looking for hook ups then it's for you but if you're not well it's not for you

    • What do you mean about hook ups? I don't mind talking and getting to know someone

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