Girls, Why would a Good-looking guy , always get this comment from random girls?

My friend Theo is a good-looking guy. I mean a lot of girls or women say he is good-looking or hot.

Howvever I have noticed that when he has a short conversation with random girls, they usually say " You are a really nice guy " .

Now the question is why would girls not be sexually attracted to him ( you are really nice means no Sexual attraction) if girls in general find him good-looking?

Your opinion.


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  • Well, I think he gets that comment cuz girls are attracted to a hot guy but sometimes girls feel that hot guys can be potential jerks or real cocky. So maybe thats why girls say "your a really nice guy" to your friend is cuz before they met him, they expected him to be a jerk. This isn't always the case cuz they could just be complementing him. Us girls like a real genuine nice guy, so they could just complementing him. These are the only reason I can think of why they say that to him. How do they say it to him, like in a passive way or just randomly?

    As far as why they may not be sexually attracted to him, I'm not sure. They could be sexually attracted to him & just didn't act on it or he wasn't their type but they felt he was nice to talk to. It could be for many reasons. What makes u think their not sexually attracted to him?

    • Thanks :)

      They say it to him, while lightly brushing against his arm , with a smile.

      I thought if girls say " Your a really nice guy " , they are not sexually attracted to him.

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    • If that makes since lol

    • What you say makes sense :) I have a question for you... From your personal experience answer this please.

      There are 2 random guys (A and B ) standing next to each other who are friends.

      You happen to look at both of them at first glance.
      When you walk past them , both guys make eye-contact with you.

      As Guy A makes eye contact with you, you shift your eye-contact towards Guy B.
      But when Guy B makes eye-contact with you, you hold direct eye-contact with him.

      Why would you act in such a way with both of the Random guys?

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  • Why are the two mutually exclusive? A nice guy can also be sexually attractive. Contrary to what a lot of guys seem to think, we don't actually like a-holes (or at least I dont)

    • Thanks :) But I heard that when girls usually say "you are a really nice guy" they don't see him as sexually attractive?

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    • Sure. We will go with that. I doubt it's accurate, but we will go with it.

    • haha ;)

  • I didn't know that when I say someone is really nice I'm describing his as not sexy. My boyfriend is a really nice guy, as was my previous boyfriend and my husband. It's a big piece of what I like about them.

    • Thanks :) It's good to hear that !!

  • they probably just don't feel any sexual attraction towards him haha. or they are at a lost of words. Do they say that while putting a hand on his shoulder because if so they're interested lol

    • Thanks :) To be honest they do say " you are a really nice guy " and then later smile while lightly brushing against his arm.

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    • let me go try it since. I'm in a public place with guys. and then i'll let you know lol.

    • Thanks :P

  • well i can say that the comments are the initial step for a girl to flirt and let him know or remember her ;)

    • Thanks :) But I thought if a girl says " you are a really nice guy" , they are not sexually attracted to him.

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    • i would say "hi, nice watch" or nice shirt, something that i can make him talking back to me ;p

    • cool :D But if you say , " You are really nice" to a guy, you are not sexually attracted to him?

  • Well, it looks to me that your friend 'Theo' has some self esteem issues. Being a really nice guy means that you are a really nice guy. What a revelation. Ahem, I mean your 'friend Theo' is really a nice guy. It doesn't say that you are not sexually attractive. But I guess yo- your friend Theo thinks that because he needs validation that he is sexually attractive regardless if he was nice or not.
    So I have a question for your good - looking / hot friend Theo. If he had to choose to be nice or sexually attractive, what would he rather pick?
    Your opinion.

    • Thanks :) My friend Theo is honestly a nice person at heart. He even can forgive an enemy with ease. But at the same time he is protective of his friends and family. So he can be a badass when it comes to saving loved ones from danger. He has never thought of being sexually attractive to girls, but only being genuine and nice with girls. He simply loves and respects women.

      But the thing is Random girls do approach him and give attention, and say " You are a really nice guy ".

      He took it as a compliment , until he found out from other people that if a girl usually says " You are a really nice guy" it means that the girl sees the guys as a good person but no sexual attraction.

      That's when Theo started to think that girls probably approach him to be friends, but they have no intentions of dating/ having sex.
      So Theo is confused why girls are not sexually interested in him, when they pop up with the " You are a really nice guy" phrase ;)


  • "You are a really nice guy" doesn't mean no sexual attraction. To be honest though whenever I am talking to a really good looking guy and they actually turn out to be a decent person I am really surprised and will tell them that with the phrase "y'know you are a really nice guy". I say it because experiences often show good looks and arrogance go hand in hand and if you contradict that with your actions I will let you know.

    • Thanks :) Have you ever had casual sex?

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    • kinda hard to have when you are under 18 in a small town without being harassed and called names so I doubt it

    • That's fine !! If you are sexually attracted to 2 guys standing next to each other. But you fancy one guy more than the other.

      How would you act around the guy you fancy more as opposed to the other guy?

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