My crush's best friend says my crush likes me and told me to wait for her, should i trust what her best friend says and wait for her?

I've had a crush on this girl (Rayna) for almost 2 years now, since then I have graduated from high school and is currently sudying in University while she is still currently in my old high school with 2 more years to go. I have decided to forget about her and move on since I was so far away from her and seldom go back home. She has also refused to give me her number twice and showed no sign of liking me, we chat and joke all the time, but she would take hours to reply or even reply on the next day.

One day, Rayna's best freind messaged me, she gave me Rayna's phone number. I asked why, she said she knew that I liked Rayna. She said Rayna has talked about me and regretted not giving me her number. Her best friend told me to keep this conversation a secret as she did not tell Rayna that she was contacting me and that she was secretly giving me Rayna's phone number. I asked her if Rayna likes me, she said Rayna thinks that I am a funny and good guy, and her best friend says so as well. I asked her if I should confess my love to Rayna, she said that I should give Rayna some time to think it over as she is still so young. She told me to wait 2 years for Rayna first before asking her to be my girlfriend. She told me that Rayna liked me but does not love me, I asked her why, she says Rayna is still confused. She says Rayna does not chat with other guys, only me because she has geniune feelings when chatting with me (through social media). She says Rayna doesn't care about other guys, she thinks that I am the special one for Rayna and as Rayna's best friend supports me. She said Rayna does not believe that I would be loyal to her and that Rayna always says that I would fall in love with another girl in my University. She said that I should convince Rayna that I love her and would wait for her. Rayna is very shy.

Can I trust what her bff said? Rayna said nothing of this sort to me.
Should I wait for her?(I fear she might change her mind and fall for another guy)
She said Rayna told her about how touched she (Rayna) was when I wished her Happy Birthday at 12am sharp on the birthday, and she said that I should do more of these acts to prove my love for Rayna.


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  • 2 YEARS DAMMNNN you have a life to live. You can't wait two years for her. Be open with her and tell her. If she doesn't feel the same then move on. At least you won't be seeing her if she says no. I say text u and ask if you can call her or meet up and talk about it. You two are old enough to not play games and actually have a conversation. It's not fair for you to have to keep thinking about this girl and not know if she's interested in you or not. Take a chance and good luck :)

    • Yeah, if she says yes, then I will wait for her. She's 15 so I'm concerned whether she is serious or not. She is the innocent type who will most likely be easily tricked by jerks, thats why her friends is protective of her and to trust me with Rayna is a big thing. My main concern is that she will end up wanting to just be friends.

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