what just happened? is he uninterested?

My crush and I were finally reunited today. We had a casual "date" and drove around together. As soon as he dropped me home, there was an awkward pause. I thought he was going to kiss me... I look at him and he looked confused yet he was grinning and then I just left. Is he being polite or is he uninterested. We had an amazing deep conversation. We've known each other for a year now but we lived farther apart for awhile. Also I noticed he took me home like 10 minutes early... is he just trying to give my family a good impression? So confused. I do think he likes me but I still have my doubts.


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  • I think he's just trying to take things slow. He sounds like a pretty good guy.


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  • I think he may have not wanted to kiss you because you might've gave a vibe like you didn't want to, make sure he knows you're interested too :)


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  • Probably a mix of being a gentleman and trying to leave a good impression on your family.


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