I asked him to go on a date but he's not messaged me since. Sha I be patient and wait?

I asked this guy who I haven't met yet but have been speaking to over phone message whether he wants to meet up as we have mentioned doing it before. We've been constantly talking before and we get on really well and he had been lovely all the way through and has shown a interest that he would defiantly like to see me. I plucked the courage to initiate meeting because I felt like it was time we did, he said he would definitely still like to see me however I got the impression he was slightly shy and was maybe saying days that he couldn't do to avoid meeting up (maybe this is me thinking this) anyway we have suggested that next Friday as in the Friday after this one we should meet, he's going to come and see me and I will pick a place to meet. We left it on a good note and he said we have plenty of time to sort it then he said I'm going to bed goodnight. Since Monday I haven't heard from him which is fine but I feel like we've been messaging loads in the past and now he's gone quiet. Shall I wait until next week until he messages me or shall I message him a few days before? I just don't want to come across to forward but at the same time I'd like him to message me to show that he's still keen to meet. Is he definitely interested? Shall I just be patient and wait? Please help thanks x


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  • Wait another day or too. That does seem a tad odd. Message him back like normal & seal the deal tell him the place and time and go from there

  • Yes, patience young padawan!


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