Awkward situation with some guy friends?

So I was hanging out with my 4 guy friends before I went to the salon which got me thinking about this anyways so and all of a sudden the topic of sex came up. I didn't say anything because one I had nothing to contribute and two I didn't care much for their conversation until they were talking about how they didn't know anyone who was a virgin and then they looked at me and said it's fine we can find you someone. Like wtf I don't need them to catch me a dick or anything! But now things are even more awkward I don't know what to say the next time it comes up because I know it will.


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  • Just tell them to mind their own business


What Girls Said 1

  • Well they are your guy friends so either be honest with them that you don't want or need their help or flip the situation and start telling one of them that you want him to be the one you lose your virginity to. I would go after whoever is the shyest if you want to see someone blush.

    • Oh and also, usually in life stuff is only as awkward as you make it. if you play something off as no big deal, then it's mo big deal. I don't usually think about things being awkward, so they never are.

    • That's really great advice because I was so confused at the moment because usually I would of done the first thing and joke around with them but ya know I was just caught off guard but thanks

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