Did I mess up? Is there anyway to fix it?

I`ll try to make a long story as short as possible. There was a girl I loved very much in my senior year of high school (which was last year). I became incredibly good friends with her and we talked for hours everyday. Over last summer, I got the courage to sit her down and tell her how I felt about her, and she said it was all really sweet, but she just didn`t feel the same way about me. This has pretty much made my life a living hell since, which is another issue. I continued to be friends with her, but since we go to different colleges we didn`t see each other in person all that often. We usually talked over text, but talking to her just made my heart hurt so much, and as much as I loved her with all my heart and wanted her in my life, keeping in touch with her was making me wildly depressed, so I decided to stop talking to her. I didn`t talk to her for about 3 months, and I slowly realized not talking to her was even worse. I messaged her a couple weeks ago, and she was friendly and everything, but she didn`t even ask me why I stopped talking to her, and now she seems really cold torwards me, like she only answers me with short messages, and never, EVER messages me first or wants to hang out. I feel like it`s my fault for cutting her out of my life, but I don`t know what to say to fix it, I said I was sorry for not talking to her, and she said it was "Fine", but I think I damamged whatever relationship I had with her, and it`s just making my life even more miserable than it already has been. Any ideas on what I could say?


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  • "Is there any way we could get together And... Talk? There are a few things I have on my mind which will explain a few things over the last few months."
    If she is a friend Indeed, she will also be a 'Friend' that you Need right now, and will swallow her sorrow that she may be feeling right now and Consent to... Hang out.
    She is most likely feeling the pain of no gain when you just 'Disappeared' out of sight for 'About 3 months.' She may be thinking that you found someone else and dumped your 'Relationship' and Now... She seems really cold towards me...
    Get on the same page here, dear. No one says you have to put the writing on the wall and all of telling her All your heartfelt feelings.
    Go slow with your flow, should she meet up with you and explain to her that you had problems that you needed some space with and from now On... You are here to stay in every way.
    She just may feel something that could be a surprise to your own eyes. However, with no open lines of convo and pulling the cold duck feet act, Any future Real Relationship will go dead in the water.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yeah because you abandoned her. Yes its gonna take time and a lot of your energy


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  • You really can't say anything to her. I'm sure she's not expecting you to say anything either. Maybe she wants you to prove to her that you're not going to cut her off again. Show her that you can put the romantic feelings aside for now in the name of friendship. Does she at least care about you as a person?

  • "Sorry I disappeared for a while. I had some stuff I needed to sort out in my head and needed to be alone. I'm good now though. Are we cool?"

  • just be cool and things will come as they will


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