Heart skips a beat when I see my coworker?

We hardly talk (but hug quite often ) but whenever I see him, my heart actually skips a beat :/...
And yday, when he finished his shift at work, he didn't say bye (he usually does but I was serving a customer) and I felt like rubbish for the rest of the day.
This is pathetic... how do I stop feeling this way? :/


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  • I did the same with one girl for a while. One time I walked by her and didn't realize she was there until she was walking closer to me to pass by me and she waved and my heart felt like it literally stopped. Haha ^^"
    Honestly, there's really not much you can do about it. You have feelings for him.
    I remember there was another girl that I worked with and she didn't come in for her shift one day when I worked. My coworkers said to me that it was the first time they had ever worked with me that I didn't smile even once for my shift. I was really upset that she wasn't there. ^^" I mean, I wasn't mad or something. I was just really down.


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  • Try being his friend. And then seduce him.


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