What are the signs that a girl is attracted to you?

Hey everyone! I would appreciate some help in that field.

I would like to know what are the signs that shows that a girl is attracted to you?

Having never had a girlfriend, neither dated someone I really don't know how to perceive those things.
I was really shy, and lacked of confidence to approach girls. Still, those issues are there but have less impact on my life than it used to be.

Nevertheless, It will help me out to understand how girls think, use their body language and so on. Thus, I'll be able to know what to do in such situation, and be more prepared.
Thank you

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  • Check her posture around you.

    When she's around you, she will seem to stand taller, pull her shoulders back, and pull her stomach in. You can even try to be slick and check out her posture when she walks away from you, or when she doesn't know you're around.

    You'll see her licking her lips, touching her neck or lifting her head so that more of her neck is exposed. She may lean toward you more, or move closer to you. She might lean in to whisper as an excuse to get closer.

    She might start playing with her hair and wiping imaginary dust off your clothes.


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  • What I usually look for:

    -lots of eye contact
    -being noisy/loud around me
    -personal space
    -physical contact
    -initiate conversations


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  • Well, if it were me, I'd smile lots when the guy's around, I'd always want to be around him, more eye contact, laugh at his jokes even if they aren't all that funny and of course, my friends will have already known I like you so they might tease me as well.


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