So if someone was talking to someone and the girl posted "happy birthday" on the guy's Facebook wall, Wouldn't she be posting more stuff on his wall?

If they were really "talking?


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  • It depends whether they like them or not. If you have no interest in the person then you wouldn't comment. If you cared for the person then you would do more than post on a facebook wall.
    Online messages have little sentimental value, and anyone with a brain would talk to the person they liked in real life.

    • I don't know it was a happy birthday Facebook post but he never talked to this girl before.

Most Helpful Girl

  • They could be using other forms of social media to communicate.


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  • they would talk in inbox,
    the less she writes on wall, the more are the chances they will be talking in inbox.

    • But all his friends don't write on his wall

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  • eh? i dont understand...

    • Like if a girl is talking to a guy and post something on his Facebook wall, Wouldn't she post more than one thing if they were really talking

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    • oh i always wish people a happy birthday otherwise i feel like a bitch if they wish me one and i ignored theirs! Dont read anything in to it hun its probably just a case of 'its nice to be nice!'

    • But she never did that before.

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