Why do girls expect you to ALWAYS text or call them, yet don't do it themselves?

If a girl likes you..and they're trying to get you to like them..then why do they expect that you're always the one who has to initiate the conversation every day? I've run into this problem a lot. Just doesn't make sense to me. They want this but then if you text or call them every day they say you're clingy or something stupid. Anybody?

And this doesn't always happen to me. I feel like this is just for girls who are into you but are borderline and can become easily bored unless you're showering them with texts or calls. If a girl is REALLY into you they will do the opposite of this quest


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  • This might be the case for high school girls but it doesn't apply to all of us. We know that we should initiate the convo or communication to show a guy that we're interested. We know that if we don't that he might lose interest or think there's no interest and move on. I am talking to someone right now and I initiate contact VERY sparingly with him. It's not that I am playing hard to get, it's just that he likes to be "in control." Moreover, he doesn't like clinginess or someone who is needy. It works VERY well because he is happy. I wish we would talk more often but it is what it is.

    Back to your issue, just come right and tell the girl that it's okay if she calls/texts you. Sometimes, we need this confirmation from the guy so we aren't too pushy. Again, in my case, this guy mentioned that he hardly heard from me. It concerned me so now I will text or leave him a message once a week or every 2 weeks. I will call him like every 2 weeks. He spoke up and I want to be sure I meet his needs.

  • I was talking to my friends the other day in class and they were both males. They both told me they liked to initiate the conversations themselves or else the girl is known to be a "dirty girl". But then again it depends on how they word their initiation. But coming from a girl, it's better when the guy starts the conversation just as how girls like it better when the guy asks the girl out. I guess it's just consistent when it comes to starting a conversation.


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