Going crazy over what I said to a guy. Did I push him away?

We were texting back and forth for about 3 months, we had fun together, he said he never wanted a relationship with me, I was cool with that, keeping it casual we didn't have sex. Then he became distant and would selectively reply to texts or take calls. I got fed up and wanted to move on.

Since Im fairly straight forward I hit him a text telling him I wanted something stable, more than casual and that we should keep things like they are plus I thanked him for being so real with me. He didn't reply I sent the text 6 weeks ago. I still can't stop thinking about him and since he hasn't contact me or anythin I assume he's moved on and probably has a girlfriend. On one hand did I mess up by sending that text? on the other hand if he gave a crap wouldn't he have contacted me by now? I've been dreaming a lot about him lately, and the thought of him has been drifting in and out of my mind more than ever this week.


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  • I don't think you messed up. As you say, someone else probably took the place you were filling. Just move on. I absolutely love your straight forwardness. Girls in general would benefit from being more like you in my opinion. We would know where we stand. I can appreciate that!

    • So conflicted. Why didn't he reply to my text? was he irritated, I since havnt heard from him

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    • I know it sucks. I have been living a similar story myself lately.

    • you know I think maybe someone was i the picture already

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  • just give him space.


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