Is a 10 year age gap okay?

I mean when you are already legal and your significant other happens to be 10 years older than you. Is that okay?


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  • Trust me when i say this because i have experience at both sides of the age spectrum. If you are 18 and he is 28 or older it's ok but don't expect it to last or be very serious. You both are at much different stages of life. If you were 28 and he was 38 you would have more similar life experiences and that relationship would stand a greater chance of survival.

    • So what you are saying is that if they are 20 and 30 it won't really work?

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    • You've just added some interesting details. Believe it or not 23-33 is a little different than 20-30 also, there are kids involved? How long have they been dating and how long until she introduced her child to him? how old is the child?

    • They have been dating for almost 2 years and the child is 3. She introduced them to each other about a year ago.

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  • id say its ok when you're 30 to start dating people 10 years or older, since then you've all matured.
    Or 25 I suppose...


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  • Lol, Your 16 and fucking a 26 year old?

    Haha... That's so fucking incredibly retarded xD.

    • Purely out of curiosity , as some people seem do swear on the love has not age Phrase I'd like to know how you feel about this

      why is it retarded? cause she might be underage or is it something else?

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    • Its just fucking stupid.. 16 year old fucking a 26 year old ?

      Its just wrong in every single way, That is not 'love', That is a naive horny little girl fucking a guy massively older then her and thinking she is cool for doing it.

    • I meant when the person is already of legal age. And it's actually not for me. My friends sister is 20 and her new boyfriend is 30 so my friend is kinda worried about the age gap and I keep telling her it's fine if they really do love each other

  • If you're under 18, no.

    • The person I'm talking about is 20 and her boyfriend is 30

    • I see. Thank you for clarifying. In that case, I'd still probably be a bit hesitant, but not as much as what I said before.

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