Torn between two?

I've been seeing this guy, lets call him Kevin for almost a year, but not officially. I really really like him and I know he really likes me. But on the other hand, when I was in New York at my aunts I met a bunch of her and her husbands friends and one guy, lets call him Rory, who really likes me. I sort of like him, I mean he's very sweet and he treats me like a princess and respects me, says things to me that Kevin would never say. I want to see where things are going to go with Kevin, and its a long way from Iowa to New York, but I also want to see what would happen between Rory and really don't want to hurt his feelings if I choose Kevin. I've know Kevin for 6 years and Rory I only met this summer. This is so confusing, I never in a million years thought I'd have to choose between two guys. Any advice? I"d like to hear from the guys especially, should I tell Rory about Kevin and visa versa?

*names changed to protect identities.


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  • tell, because things that stay in the dark, surface to the light faster. I suggest to stay with kevin because you only have the foundation and if you go with the other guy you could ruin a good friendship. Word of wisdom, time is priceless and the 6 years should be cherished

    • Thanks so much for your help.

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