I'm what ways should she come first?

You know how people say the most important women in a guys life should be his mother until he gets married. And that he should put his mom first? In what ways should he put his mom before his girlfriend even a long term serious one?


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  • If she is a good partner for an LTR, you should never need to choose between your mother and your girlfriend.

    • I agree 100%. It is a matter of compromising on both ends. For me andy boyfriend it isn't even an issue because we are family to each other.

  • In most ways. There are outstanding circumstances when mothers are not kind or nice to their children, and in those cases he should know not to take her advice even if he does put her first.

    In most cases though, mothers love their children more than anything, and genuinely want what's best for them more than anyone else. So in a case where his mother and yourself disagree, he should side with his mother. You should never do anything that could potentially put your S/O in a position where he has to choose between you and his family. If you do, you should expect to lose every time.

    • But it goes both ways though. I think a mother shouldn't put her son in a position to choose between her and her sons so. I agree that parents have their kids best interest at heart but after a while so does a so. I also highly disagree that a man should side with Hus mom in a disagreement. I think a true man would stand by his woman if mom is wrong
      You don't just blindly agree with someone. I would be out the door so quickly if my serious boyfriend always put me second to mommy and didn't defend me and side with me. Now I'm assuming that the girlfriend here is being reasonable if she isn't then obviously you side with your mom. But assuming that the girlfriend is being reasonable then I think if you see yourself spending the rest of your life with her then you should stand by her. Because who are you going to be waking up to everyday?

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    • I think we agree I'm just adding to your point that it goes both ways no a girlfriend shouldn't pin him against his family but his mom should also not put him in a position to choose either. His mom shouldn't put him in a position to choose either. Honestly I have seen a lot of cases where the mom doesn't know hke to respect boundaries and doesn't know how to let go and she puts her nose where it doesn't belong and involves herself in her sons relationship and the bad refuses to stick up for and or stand by his girl and he allows his girl to always comes second. I'm not saying that the girlfriend always comes first or that the mom is always wrong. But that it is a two way street. There will be times when the gfs needs and/or wants comes first and there are times when the moms needs/wants will come first. It is just a matter of compromising

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