Why do women expect men to sweep them off their feet?

If I sweep her off of her feet, do I get the slutty women I want?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If a man swept me off my feet. It would startle the living hell out of m. One minute your feet are on the ground and the next their not. You would be startled too. :P :D

    Jokes aside. Media, movies, books, etc. Talking about men doing that makes women wish that would happen to them. Though there are some who don't care for that kind of thing.

    Not sure how you can get the slutty women you want.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think some women are so awesome they really do deserve to be swept off their feet but the women that are mean, nasty, bitchy and just have a poor attitude in general don't deserve this kind of treatment from a guy.


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What Girls Said 2

  • If he swept me

    • Off my feet I'd do the same thing back one way or another. Or else it wouldn't be fair to expect nothing in return

  • "Do I get the slutty women I want"
    If you want a slutty girl just put a pile of money on your dick and see if she'll still go for it hahaha.

    • tried that already, seriously, it didn't work

    • Dude no way haha seriously? I'm surprised honestly

    • Yea, I took a woman that I was dating, to india, china, and france. Granted, she did give me sex but it was good sex. She didn't act like a pornstar and she wasn't able to do anything incredibly sexual

What Guys Said 1

  • Because they want to feel special 😛


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