Im so afraid, please help?

I really like this girl, i dont know if she likes me, she went out with me once, dont know if she was just being nice or what, she is a really reserved/shy kind of person, so its hard for me to read her, she seems to like being around me. but i want to tell her i like her, and im so afraid of her answer being that, she doesn't like me. ahhhhhhh should i wait till i see if she wants to go out one more time or should i just strait up tell her. Please help, this is really stressing me out :(



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  • You only went out once and already like her? Try going on a second date and on the third tell her you like her. Get to know her a bit more then assess whether you really like her and then tell her. It's better to have given it a shot than to spend your life wondering what if


What Guys Said 1

  • I would recommend going on a couple more dates, play it cool and don't jump to far into things. Getting very intentse befor she knows you could scare her off. Ease into it.


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