Are those in relationships and those in hookup/club culture retards and talentless losers?

I mean i've noticed that my scientific research, and taking care of my garden, and composing music, consumes my whole day time and i sleep only 4 hours (but that does not create any problems for me). and i logically deduct that if i had a "girlfriend" i'd have little to zero time to dedicate to her, and i assume that relationship would be doomed before it's very conception. as i don't have any time to go out, and waste also my money and health on drinks, silly loud places etc. so i ask, are these lifestyles just for the average joe/joette that has nothing better to do in his/her life and brain... ? aren't people depressed if they float aimlessly and just suck the oxygen and life from this planet without giving anything back?


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  • The concept that unique individuals who are either in relationships or embrace hookup culture or enjoy going to the club are automatically "retards and talentless losers" sounds like nothing more than a bunch of bitter, inaccurate babble.

    • well you would be right if i were jealous of their lifestyle. best case scenario i pitty it though... .

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    • It wasn't a rant, sweetie. It was an honest reply to your passive aggressive, cowardly attempt at belittling me :)

    • I'll sum it up for you: Stop trying to invite and include yourselves into the private lives of COMPLETE STRANGERS as an outsider to their business. You're probably an outsider because you're so condescending and nasty. Worry about your own mentality instead of acting like you're good enough to correct the choices of others.

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  • Wow, all that and you are going to die anyway. Seems like it would have made more sense to enjoy yourself.

    • your opinion is not without it's logical merits. of course that would be true IF i found entertaining what the rest of the people do... which i don't. my works is my "fun"

    • Well, maybe you are wired up differently. It's a big world with all kinds of people in it. I find most of them have a deep seated desire to make an emotional and physical connection but I suppose there are exceptions.

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  • I don't agree with hookup/club culture but I wouldn't call them retards or talentless losers. They just have different priorities.

    • the priority of being counterproductive, self harming , talentless losers... .

    • @Asker Why are you so eager and desperate to belittle and condescend a bunch of TOTAL STRANGERS? Were you rejected? Do you have no friends? Have you felt left out, lonely, and miserable for not being able to participate in this lifestyle that you seem obsessed with bashing? Your shitty vibes where you bitch and whine are such a turn off. Maybe that's why you're on the lonely outside looking in...

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