Why am I single?

I've seen this question asked by all sorts of people on this site, and I'd like opinions.

A bit about myself:
-I'm 20 years old, in a career already, and quite intelligent.
-I'm fit, a size 6 Australian, I eat well, and take care of myself.
-I like gaming, cooking/baking, going out as well as sometimes staying in for movie nights.
-I'm pretty experienced in bed.
-I'm rather independent and out-spoken, but I do respect other people's opinions.
-I'm a little picky. Any guy I date needs to at least be a little active, smart, and preferably into gaming.
-I have a really bad history with men. I've been hurt a lot, and I'm a bit apprehensive about relationships.

Can anyone provide some reasons that I'm considered undateable? Every time I start seeing someone, we get to he point where people would talk about being official, and I get dumped.
I'd like to add that while I am independent, it's more in a sense that I can be by myself without needing to cling to someone. I enjoy being with people, and would love someone to talk to whenever either of us need anything.


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  • "I'm rather independent"

    Independence and long term relationships don't really work well with each other.

    • So in order to be in a relationship, I can't have independence?

    • Relationships require a certain degree of dependence on each other. If you're independent you're kinda saying I don't need you to the other person. The other person ends up not feeling valued in the relationship.

      I mean you can have a relationship but it probably won't last.

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  • i think its hard bc you know yourself, you know your qualities and what you are capable of... but its hard to asses what guys see when they meet you/get to know you.

    maybe they aren't seeing those particular qualities... or maybe they do and they're just looking for something else, I don't know. I wouldn't say that you are undateable... its probably just that you haven't met a guy who is a good match for you (and even then, you've got his emotional maturity, commitment level, etc to deal with)


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  • I'm happily single after being hurt a lot myself. I'm happy to make friends with people but I won't go into the whole relationship thing again because of the risk of being hurt again. Also I have so much less pressure on me having to be successful because I have no one that I need to support or please. You shouldn't worry about being single. Enjoy it and if the right person comes along you'll know it.

  • You sound like a great catch to me, maybe it is more of a question of what kind of men you have been dating?

  • I honestly can't think of a reason.


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