When do you have more free time?

To all college grads, do you have more free time now or in college? and what if you were in a time consuming and male dominated major like engineering or computer science (I'm going to start computer science in the fall). If you had free time in college, did you go out to a movie theater or a club/bar? do you still do that? if yes, how do you have the time to go out after work and (if possible) deal with a relationship/marriage? how do you still have time for friends and to meet new people?


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  • It depends to be honest. I was a good student in Uni but it took me a lot more learning and studying then it did for other students. I would finish at 5-6 and by the time I got home it would be 7-8pm. I was usually tired to want to go out so I wouldn't and it was hard to tackle the free time because you obviously have to study at home as well. So when I got home Id take an hour or two break and then continue studying. The only time to get break was the weekends and mostly my friends were busy with their Uni stuff and I was busy. My best friend from high school, id only see 2-3 times a year despite being in touch almost everyday. My social life just went out the window. Now with work, I do see them more often because with the work I do, most of it is done in the office and i don't need to work extra at home. Do I see them as much as I like, No but definitely more often then at Uni. But I guess it's a trade because Im busy with my life and they're busy wit theirs. I get to see and spend everyday with my husband and they do the same. I guess I could see them more if I cut time off from my husband. But the one thing I've learnt is family is most important, don't get me wrong I love my friends but I'd rather spend more time with the hubby then with friends. So it's just priority. Plus he's always there when I get home so I naturally will spend more time with him


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