What to do when you sleep with somebody too soon?

Help me out with this long story... (Long story short sleep with someone and I don't know how to go about contacting Him)
long story long: I met a guy through a friend a couple of weeks ago. We hit it off pretty well and started texting, we hung out a few times after work, one night and a couple alcoholic drinks later we took things a little too far a little too soon. I haven't had sex in over 8 months before that. I'm not one to sleep around, it's just not me. But he made me feel comfortable. After hanging out some more it happened again. Something just took over me (raging 24 year old hormones). Well the next time I see him I was planning on telling him I think we took things too far too soon, and see what he thinks. But I feel like now it's ruined. I'm just sex now. I'm a girl who is easy to him. He was short with me two days ago over text, so I haven't text him since. I think about texting him, but not sure. Should I wait and see if he calls or text or should I approach him first?


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  • Go ahead and approach so you can address the issue with him, make sure you tell him how you feel. Unfortunately it may too late and he may just consider you an easy lay and won't really care about you anymore. Sounds harsh but that's how it is sometimes. Best wishes.


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