Why hasn't he relpied to my text?

My mate texted me how he felt on last Saturday, I felt the same way to so I texted him how I felt about him the other day but he's just read the message and not replied... :( but I did mention that i think that he's already seeing someone else. Don't understand why he hasn't replied yet but he's read my message.


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  • Maybe he is taking his time or isn't sure how to reply to you appropriately. I want to ask you are you disappointed at his behaviour (reading and not replying)


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  • When you say he "just read" the message do you mean just now? Maybe he needs some time to collect himself. Maybe he's overwhelmed now that he knows you have feelings for him. Give it some time and try not to stress over it. I'm sure he'll write!

    • I'm just worried I've scared him away that's all but I haven't messaged him again after my long message to him anyway, don't want to make it worse.

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    • I hope your right, I don't want to lose him and just forget about everything what we built up over the month :(..

    • Honestly, it would be the strangest thing if he simply never responded again. So unless he's entirely insane, he will be in touch :-)

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  • so it's been a few days... y don't u text back to see wot happened?

    anyway i believe, he didn't xpect this would be yer answer... so he felt uncomfortable resondin back i guess


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