A long story that really just asks if this is a rare occasion where I can ask this girl out through a text. it just seems so lame?

I've been crushin on the front desk girl at my gym for almost a year now. i only see her when she happens to be working when im there. but i stop and we talk all the time and it alwasy goes well. all smile and laughs. i swear this girl likes me.
that said, as much as we seem to get along, we have yet to hang out at all. outside of seeing her at the gym when i do, we have no contact at all. i think its mostly bc we're both very shy reserved people, and i know im often too nervous to risk upsetting the status quo. but still, we've known each other a while now and haven't hung out once? not even a friendly text?
at one point we had plans for a date, but she cancelled on me, saying that its just a bad time for her and she rushed into it, or something like that. being my shy self i backed off. we'd still talk just as friendly as before, but that was it, and its where we are still. i've asked her to movies and such on a few random weekends since, but it was alwasy a polite 'no thanks' or 'i still dont think thats a good idea right now'.
lately i've gotten pretty sick of spinning my wheels as front desk guy, i need to act. we talk, we're very friendly and seem to get along great, yet we dont hang out or talk at all. doesn't seem right. i blew my chance to ask her in person the other night, but dammit i want to take this girl out this weekend. im not a fan of asking a girl out via text, but im a bit too old school for my own good at times. is this an occassion where i can get away with it?


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  • Well, I hate to burst your bubble but if she says no everytime with no possibility of another chance then maybe she just isn't in to you. It doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong but maybe you're just not her type

    • i tend to agree with you, she hasn't done anything about it either so there's probably nothing there. but every time we talk it goes so well, she greets me with a big smile, gave me a little stupid nickname, she asks about me I ask about her, I make her laugh. It's very possible that she's just not into me but she has a funny way of showing it. Is it dumb idea to just ask her straight up how she feels about me. I truly hate upsetting the status quo but I feel like a shmuck not doing anything about it.

    • I guess you could text her to hang out but a date should be over the phone or in person

  • Dont do iy over text, do it face to face :3


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