Best way to get a girl to warm up to you or open up to you?

There's this girl I like and trust me I know she likes me too, the thing is she's shy and more reserved. She has a small circle of friends and they're for the most part cool. She approached me one day with her friends last semester and that's when I knew she had a thing for me, we were acquatainces before but didn't really know each other. I had a cruch on her since way before we even knew each other though. Summer hit and we didn't really get anywhere but I had her snapchat, midway into the summer I decide to hit her up and ask if she's down to go to the movies. She seemed excited but suggested we go in a group which I had no problem with. I had no money at the time so I didn't mention the movies again until about a month later, I did however keep in touch with her and we made small talk over snapchat and she seemed receptive even hitting me up first to talk about her interests (I really enjoyed that convo), I finally felt like we might be connecting so I brought up the movies again a couple days ago and she seemed flakey about it, not as interested. She said she'll let me know, I told her this week and well the week is coming to a close soon. What do you think is going on? Did she lose interest, is she going to flake or should I keep trying? Just want some tips for this situation. Thanks :)
  • She's probably busy and will get back to you
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  • She lost interest and doesn't want to hurt your feelings by letting you know upfront
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  • She's unsure about the date
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  • Usually $ works, most girls warm up by $ spent on them.


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