Have you watched yourself on video?

I just recently thought id record myself to see how im like, im worse than I thought!!

The way I walk looks awkward and the way I speak is mumbly and hard to understand, now I know why people sort of avoid me and always ask me to repeat myself and seem to open their eyes more when listening to me. I thought I was ok before, but now I feel bad that im like that.


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What Girls Said 1

  • i have! i think we all think of ourselves as gargoyles when we watch the way we appear on video.

    LOL! i couldn't help but laugh when u said people seem to open their eyes more when listening to u. dont overthink it, I'm sure we all have our different ways of concentrating when communicating to someone.

    we are our harshest critic. believe me when i say humankind can relate.


What Guys Said 1

  • No, I kind of knew from pictures.
    I realize why girls aren't interested in me. I would fuck me either.

    Though if happen to come across enough gay gentlemen, one of them is bound to hit on you. Wrong gender, but it lifts your spirits some.


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