How can I make this stop?

People keep saying that I am "too good" for my girlfriend... Her own mom asked why a guy like me is with her... But that really pisses me off. I love my girlfriend and think she's perfect. How can I get people to stop saying things? I always defend my girlfriend but this is getting out of hand and making her feel so insecure. A lot of it happens when I am not there.


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  • That's terrible. You're doing the right thing by defending her, I don't think you can change what they are saying but you can help her ignore it. If you two are happy then there's nothing else to it. Tell these people that if they don't have anything nice to say then you don't want to hear it and keep assuring her that you are happy with her and that's all that matters.


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  • I have this same problem. What I do is when someone says anything like that I'll just say "I respect your opinion on the matter, but I have my own and I'm staying with *blank*." It just expresses that you're hearing what they're saying, but it doesn't matter. I know its annoying and messes with your relationship Goodluck! I wish you happiness in your relationship.

  • either by sticking by her side or just filling them in on how she completes you and how much this makes you happy :)


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