How do I let this guy know im still intrested in him?

long story short as usualy, i got in contact with this guy and we realised both of us wanted to meet up sometime really soon in the future. the thing now is that i won't be having time enough to go see him. and neithere does he to come see me. (plus, he's on his vacation and he's usualy working fulltime driving trucks. i understand him if the first thing he dosent want to do when he's on vacation is to drive around to go see people.) we dont talk that mutch really but there's still intrest for eachother. How do i let this guy know that im still really intrested in him though i won't be able to come see him for a while? do i just tell him how it is (that i can't cause things keeps coming in the way but that im still really intrested in meeting up with him if he's okay with waiting until a bit later into the future.) or just go on texting with him and chill about it? im worried that he might be thinking that im trying to avoid going to go see him.


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  • just tell him. that you would like to keep in touch..

    • But im soworried he'll think im just not intrested in meeting.

    • let him decide what he thinks or will do.. but do make sure to tell him you want to keep in touch.. and ask him if he would like that too or not..

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  • I think it's always good to state things as they are so as to avoid misunderstandings :)

  • just tell him the truth and you still want to meet up and just keep in touch with each other untill the day you meet up together and go from there


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