Guy I'm seeing is acting REALLY weird! Should I ask him Wtf is going on?

OK so the guy I'm seeing came over last night to stay the night like usual. well we ended up cuddling on the floor and rolling around because I was getting snappy and crampy. Well he wrapped me up in his arms and said "nope you're not getting away. You're staying in my arms forever" then went really still really fast and had a shocked look on his face. We both are taking things slow emotionally and getting to know each other before dating because we both have gotten burned HARD. My question why the shocked look and reaction? Also why the hell does he keep looking at me since last night and just randomly saying olive juice? Wtf olive juice?


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  • Perhaps he means "Olive Branch", a peace offering. I think he was worried he'd said something too deep too quickly. To me, "... You're staying in my arms forever" implies that he wants to be with you for ever. He probably said it on the spur of the moment and is so scared of you being upset and dumping him. If you care for him, just accept the peace offering and get back to how you were. Unless you want to go deeper!!


What Girls Said 1

  • you should ask him.


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