I'm not sure how my ex-boyfriend feels about me... we go from just friends to more then friends in the blink of an eye!! What should I do?

So my best guy frined and I were a thing about a year ago, but it didn't end too well as there was another girl. We stopped talking for several months until he appologized for the way he acted and things seemed fine again. Recently however he blocked me on facebook but no other social media and we are barely speaking. A few weeks ago a large group of mutual friends went to the movies and he drove me. I ended up falling asleep and he carried me all the way to my door then texted me a kissy face just moments later. Then a few days ago he was argueing with me about not allowing me to do something because I could die (it wasn't a deadly situation I may add, but if it worsened then it could be deadly). He seems to care a lot for me and sometimes it can appear to people as love, but It's confusing because I know that he is flirting with several other girls. We have been friends for a long time and I don't want to lose the friendship, but I don't know what to think or do. What do you suggest?


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  • EX-boyfriend. EX. EX EX EX EX EX.

    That should tell you everything you need to know on how he thinks about you.


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