Is dating becoming more difficult for Girls because Guys are thinking more similarly to Girls then ever before?

So prior to modem dating a man would ask a chick out and he would be turned down or accepted and a man didn't think it was considered desperate at all to continue trying if he failed.

This is just one aspect of dating but with a lot of guys fearing rejection to the extent that a girl has to approach them does it annoy you girls? Even the small things like who texts first or who asks out who or does the man initiate the kiss first have all become blurred lines. Now it's accepted for girls to ask out guys just like my girlfriend did and I admitted to her I probably wouldn't have asked her out and she would have remained a crush if it wasn't for her courage.

My girlfriend is super gorgeous but admitted dating for her and her freinds was a struggle an the only way to be successful is if she was 'manly'. Although not all guys are like this I've had my boys take control of my phone so I didn't text her too much and sometimes so I ignored her. All my freinds are like this so im wondering in the future once things get more blurred won't it get confusing and weird? Lets just say I thought about this because of the amount of guys who say there going to 'play hard to get' which made me realise I do the same without actually calling it that.


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  • I don't think that it is just your generation either. My Mum passed away a couple of years ago, and my Dad just started dating for the first time in like 35 years. He is such a girl!. My partner had to take the phone away from him because woman were saying that he was coming across as needy. ( way too much texting). He had to give my Dad a little guydating101. My Dad was saying it was much easier back in the ' good old days'. A guy asked a girl. The girl would response 'thanks for asking, but... I'm married, I'm gay, your not my type. They were nice about it. But today, there is a lot of avoidance, which builds up hope, and untimely hurts feelings.


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