So... if I'm a loser, do I deserve to die?

I mean, if no girl (or person, really) likes me that means I'm a loser, and if I'm a loser that makes me weak, and, by natural selection, the weak must die, so, if I'm a loser, I need to die, right?


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  • No. You are being extremely dramatic and ungrateful for all that is positive, wonderful, enjoyable, and amazing within you. Stop shitting all over yourself, bullying yourself, and telling yourself that you are worth less and don't deserve a beautiful life.

    • I bet if I took off the anonymous thing you'd agree that I deserve to die, I'm a piece of shit and my other posts prove it.

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    • I'm not, I hate my life, I'm always lonely and feel like a complete failure. The only thing I'm good at is art, but, when you have no friends that gets boring. Me, I'm a nobody, I'm the kid that'd die and, not only would nobody at my school care, they probably wouldn't even know.

    • Good luck in life. I wish you the best. Try speaking with a professional who is trained to aid you with your mentality.

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  • You're under 18. You can't be a loser because you haven't even started your life yet. At your age all you've done is some preparation stuff, getting ready for the real thing. Saying you are a loser is like going to the Olympics as a swimmer and declaring yourself a loser before you even get in the pool.

    Give yourself a chance first before you decide how your life is going. People change a lot, especially in their first few years of adulthood. But people keep changing long after that. Popular kids in high school end up totally screwing up their lives and not doing anything with it. Kids that nobody paid attention to in high school end up being someone that everyone envies because of their success, things they've done, or whatever. The good looking kids age quickly and lose their looks. A plain girl in HS blooms into a beautiful flower as she gets older. Nobody cares about the popular kids any more. Everything totally changes.

    How kids are in high school is almost no indicator of how well they do in life. I'm not just making this stuff up to encourage you. This really is what happens.

    • But why do I have to be miserable now? I don't want to wait until I'm thirty to finally be happy, I'd rather die than fade another decade of misery.

    • Everyone goes through shit in their life. You just happen to be going through it now. Your age can be one of the hardest ages to deal with. You have so many things being thrown at you and probably don't know how to deal with half of them. I went through pure hell in my life. A little older than you, it was the first few years after high school. Lots of others go through hell also.

      You are not even close to being alone in this. You have all this stuff happening in your life, and don't notice that it's happening in other people's lives also. It might not show, but it is. So how does saying this stuff help you? You are still in misery whether it's happening to other people or not. The point is that we survive and move forward. Us humans are much stronger than we usually give ourselves credit for. You are stronger than you think. You have what it takes to keep going.

      I'm not going to lie and say things will suddenly be rainbows and unicorns. But they will get better over time.

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  • Other people don't determine your self-worth! Look at how many followers Adolf Hitler had. Who cares what people think? There's somebody for everyone. Please stop thinking this way.

  • let's die together then..


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  • Calm down kid, this ain't the jungle and you're not a fuckin' Gorilla. You're a human being with a brain and self-awareness.

    Stand up, wipe your bitch tears off your face, and work on becoming a man.

  • Everybody dies, it is only a matter of time.


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