Am I over reacting or is something else going on?

So, I've been seeing this guy for almost two months. We have established that we are dating but we are not yet boyfriend girlfriend. Everything has been going good but I am freaking out because last Saturday, we went to a rave together. I met his friends for the first time and we had a great time together. He said it was one of best nights of his life. However, I blew up on him the following Monday because I got upset he never posted the picture we took on Instagram. It wasn't the picture that was important. It's that him not posting, makes me feel he's hiding me from people or from someone. I brought it up but it was simply me talking. I texted him and called and he ignored everything. Since then, I've moved on from the subject but I'm not sure if I over reacted and he's gonna break up with me or if I was right and it's just a silly fight that should have been resolved?


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  • Honestly you over reacted. Girls are much more into social media than guys.

    Just focus on being fun, and try to remember that. No need to bring it back up it'll bring up more stress. Just focus on being happy now.

    • Thank you! You're right we are! Do you think I messed up? Is this something he could break up with me over?

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    • Yeah, after he wasn't responding to all my texts about the issue. I just simply dropped it and moved on. He responded and we been talking since then but I'm worried I shifted things and he's never gonna see me again. I'm being dramatic.

    • Ok just keep conversations positive, if in a few days he hasn't made plans invite him to do something fun, even pay for it. He'll remember you're cool if he forgot.

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