What am I to him?

So I have been seeing this guy since January. Everything was great until he found out he had a girl pregnant in October. Before I met him. He told me right away. I decided to stay with him because the girl lives in a different country. So I didn't think it would affect us.

May came quick and I started freaking out. Not knowing where I stand. So I told him and he said he couldn't make anything official because he doesn't know what's going to happen when the baby is born. He might have to marry the girl to bring her and the kid here. But he doesn't know anything. He's confused. I broke things off with him. 2 weeks later it's my birthday and he buys me a present and wants to see me.

Everything went back to normal. I missed being with him. But ever since then I feel like he gets super close and lovey then pulls away. I stay the night at his place every week. end. Things seem more official. But he still never wants to talk about the baby. And it's going to be born in a couple. of weeks. He isn't going for the birth tho he will be going later in October. He makes all these plans about traveling with me. But we never talked about where this is going. Whatever it is that we have. It's amost been 8 months since I met hme im and we started dating. He like avoids the conversation but introduces me as his girlfriend but never talks about us. Why? Should i pull away? Should I talk to him?

i know he cares and I know we have something. We talked about jealousy and all of those things. But never about if it's serious or not


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