Is she playing games?

broke up around 5 or 6 weeks ago, said she needed time... around 2 weeks into the break up she started initiating contact, and found out I had been on a date with a new girl, only as friends. She got really jealous, saying you took her to our place, you obviously didn't like me that much if you moved on that quick asking me if she was pretty. Anyway a week after that I got a text from my ex saying she really, really misses me, wants to see me, can't belive she let me go etc... I actualy sort of belived this ( stupid I know) , we sent a few texts to eachother over the next few days, she said she had time too think and wants me back... after that I thought about the situation and still had feelings for her and decied a few days later to ask her if she wanted to meet up. She said yes she would love to0, and asked how I was, what I've been up to, seemed very intrested and keen. I thought things were looking up, a on and I asked her when she was next free to do something... No reply... I gave her some space and left it, thinking she would get back to me. Two weeks on and I caved, I asked her again if she wanted to meet up and do something... Again no reply... So I've just left it. Anyway 5 days since the last text and she's been liking my instagram pictures of ( My gym progress and a few selfies), before this I thought she was done with me. But I know if I didn't want to see or hear from an ex again I wouldn't like her pics or anything like this. Maybe thats just me? Am I looking too deep into this or is there another reason? maybe she wants me to chase or maybe its a small reminder to try and keep me there in case she changes her mind? Any oppinions whould be great, thanks for reading.


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  • she's playing games.


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