My boyfriend never called.

so I'm in a long distance relationship

and I have not talked to my boyfriend on the phone in about a week.

he supposedly hasn't done anything the past couple of nights so yesterday I'm like since you're not doing anything tonight then you can call me

and he's like maybe. and I'm like um alright.

i don't understand why its a maybe. he has said maybe to me the past three nights in a row. and of course its always a no when I wake up the next morning and realize I never got a call from him. its just really hurtful becuase I feel like I'm the only one trying in this relationship. and if I tell him how I feel he's always like stop worrying so much and if I'm like I think there's another girls he's always like nope there's not.

what I don't understand is if you're not doing anything and neither am I then you can call me. waht could he possibly be doing that he can "maybe" call me? all I can think of is another girl is more important then me..

also I told him to text me first today cause I have being the one to always text him first and he said he will. and I'm like don't forget and he's like I wont. its already 11 and I know he's up and I still haven't gotten anything. should I still wait for him to talk to me first?


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  • just don't call him or nothing let him be the one contacting you eventually he will give in

    and if he doesn't that just means it wasn't meant to be

  • Wow, I'm in the same situation. I'm just beginning to think I should give up & dump him. For all I know her is cheating on me. He says he's crazy about me..but it doesn't seem so.

    • Yeah I know how you feel girlll. I'm ready to give up too. but I love him. and I just can't let myself do that :/