First "date" as a group event?

OK so imagine you met someone on a dating site. You get along well and decide to meat up in real life (date?).

So you have an appointment but a week before that date the person asks if you'd like to have dinner with her/him and a few friends.

all of them but the the person you met on line have a partner... and you have never seen any of them before.

What would you think? Would you do it?

Please help me out here xD
Given you have texted a lot beforehand.
common guys i need some help to decide...


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  • I now think she might want to get her friend's opinion about you. That would be the third possibility I can think of as to why she would want to do this


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  • I would not accept it. Because you do not know her yet. So you need to feel comfortable with her FIRST, then her friends.

  • I couldn't do it without bringing at least another friend too.

    • Jeah but i wouldn't want to bring my friends I usually only introduce them when I'm closer with her.

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    • cool 👍 go for it

    • haha :D ok thanks.

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