Have you ever went on a bad date? How did it end up?


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  • -he told me to dye my hair brown
    -he told me i shouldn't drink (apparently makes me look cheap)
    -he didn't tip the waiter
    -he told me he is hooking up with 3 other girls (yay, i was gonna be nuber 4 -.-)
    after that i told him to visit a psychiatrist about his mommy issuse

    • Wow omg that sounds like the date from hell. He was very negative.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes. It ended bad. That's why they call it A bad date

    • What made it so bad? What happened?

    • It was a random goose chase bench about someone and she also brought her friend and it look anything like her photos and it was late at night so that shopping center that's why was random she didn't stay or she said to be. I should've left when she was aware she was stated originally I've learned a lot from this awful experience. It just wasn't pleasant.

    • Wow that sounded like it was pretty bad.

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  • We met on Whisper. I had just wanted someone to show me around the city (not take me on a date) because I was only there for the summer and it was a long weekend and all my friends were away. He showed up about an hour late and wouldn't stop talking about himself or the restaurants that he had worked in (he was a chef). He wouldn't stop insulting the other chefs in the area either. Suffice to say, I lost his number.

    • If it wasn't supposed to be a date, then why are you writing it as if it was, 9mfeo, trolling as usual

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    • No one should!

    • That is true.

  • we were in a restaurant and I told him I was 15 and began to choke. I tried to help him by hitting his back. The started to breathe normally and I took my seat again. People were staring at us and that made me uncomfortably.
    I leaved the place when he payed half of the ticket hahaha


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  • I once went on a date where the girl thought I was 21+. I was only 20 at the time, and I was like come on, I want to go out anyway. She was using me, while her boyfriend was in jail, but, thought she could get me drunk and have sex with her. Yeah, not a good girl

    • We didn't go to a bar, but we did go to a restaurant where she could order a drink (and I could get in)

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    • Nah, no guy wants to be used

    • That is so true.

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